The town of Woodbridge is located in Suffolk, England and is a mere 8 miles from the coast. A picturesque town, it may be relatively small in size but it certainly makes up for that with its large personality along with its attractive way of life.

So, what can you expect should you decide to venture to Woodbridge? What are the best Woodbridge things to do that are on offer?

About the Town

Woodbridge lies along the banks of the River Deben. Human occupation in this area goes back some 2000 years and the town is in an area that is rich in ancient archaeological discoveries. Indeed, the town features in the famous Domesday Book from 1086. At the time of the last census, the population of the town was around 11,000 people.

A main feature of the heritage of the town has been its history in both rope and sail-making which is a good reason to visit Woodbridge in England. However, even though those industries may have somewhat faded away from their high-point, the town is still a thriving and bustling location for the local economy.

Also viewed as being a wonderful place to live if you work in the nearby city of Ipswich in England, it is viewed as being a family-friendly place where the pace of life is slower than elsewhere. There is also adequate Woodbridge Suffolk tourist information available at various locations throughout the town telling you about different events and things to do.

This small city’s great pride in its football team; the people here regularly cheer the players when they compete against other cities’ teams. Sports wagering is also huge here; you can find bookmarkers on every corner. Even online betting sites feature the team from Woodbridge. Sites like offer bonuses that many use to make last-minute predictions.

Tourist Attractions Worth Visiting

As was mentioned earlier, Woodbridge is at the heart of a number of exciting archaeological discoveries and things to do, that are well worth checking out. The main one is Sutton Hoo, an Anglo-Saxon ship burial site and even though the finds are in the British Museum in London, it’s still worth making the trip there. Checking out this site is one of the main Woodbridge things to do for any visitor to the area

Aside from Sutton Hoo, there are a couple of museums in the area that may also be of interest. The Tide Mill is undoubtedly one of those museums to check out and if you want a 25-minute drive, then there’s the 18th century Landguard Fort at Felixstowe which is one of the best forts of its kind in England.

If you have children, then go-karting, swimming and ten-pin bowling are all great options especially if the weather turns nasty and you worry about them growing bored and tired. Check out the local news for any special deals.

You will also find a number of places to eat in town and will encounter a warm welcome each and every time.

Woodbridge Fun Things to Do

Even though Woodbridge is relatively small, it still has its own football team. Woodbridge Town FC plays non-league in England, but their games still attract a healthy crowd throughout the season. Of course, as the town is close to Ipswich, then it’s clear that football is a major part of the culture of the area.

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Aside from football, there are a number of other sporting clubs where you can come along and join in.

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Explore Suffolk in England

Finally, Woodbridge can become a wonderful home destination for anybody that wishes to explore Suffolk England itself. Close to main roads that take you all over the entire area, you can reach the coast in next to no time, visit cathedrals, castles, stunning scenery, parks, the list goes on and on.

Suffolk itself feels as if it’s all in the country. It’s less chaotic than other parts of the country and with a wonderful climate, for England least, it does mean you will have ample opportunities to see what Suffolk has to offer.

So, Woodbridge may not have initially been on your list of places to visit in England, but give it a chance and you will be surprised at the positive experience that you will have. If it’s quaintness, peace and quiet and a friendly atmosphere that you are searching for, then you have found the right place.