Fun things in Woodbridge, Virginia

Located just over 20 minutes from Washington, DC, the city of Woodbridge, Virginia, mixes countryside with the comfort of city life. Woodbridge offers a variety of fun things to do, including golf, a wildlife refuge, and various recreational parks and facilities.


Woodbridge, Virginia, is home to several high-end golf courses, including the semi-private Old Hickory Golf Club ( and the public Golf Club of Osprey ( Operating since 2005, The Old Hickory Golf Club, which also operates a banquet facility, maintains a par-72 course that covers over 7,000 acres. Osprey a Golf Club, an 18-hole par-70 course covering just over 5,000 acres. Golfstyles Magazine considers Osprey one of the”” Top 100 Must Play “” courses in the area. Located along the Potomac River, Leesylvania State Park offers a wide range of activities, from hiking to boating. A park of 508 acres, the land once belonged to the family of General Robert E. Lee. Activities in the park include camping tents, hiking, canoeing, and bass fishing. The park also hosts historical guided tours and canoe trips, a sponsored summer music series and one of the educational programs for children, including children’s fishing tournaments and day camps for Junior Rangers.

Park veterans

Veterans Affairs Park is a multi-purpose Park facility in Woodbridge where residents can participate in a range of swimming activities in the summer months for basketball during the winter season. Other seasonal activities in the park include skating, hiking, and baseball. The park also has a children’s playground and can accommodate family-assisted barbecues, complete with covered picnic areas. The park also offers a designated skate park.

Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge

The National Wildlife Refuge Occoquan Bay is a Woodbridge area conservation site for native wildlife and includes over 200 species of birds. Offering 644 acres of pristine forest and wetlands, the sanctuary offers an opportunity to experience nature, bird watching or a quick hike. The refuge also has a desert by car two-mile. Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge is considered one of the largest remaining wilderness areas in Northern Virginia. At certain times of the year, deer hunting is permitted in the sanctuary.

Where to stay near Woodbridge?

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  • What is the best place to stay on a trip to Woodbridge?

Whether you’re travelling alone, with your family or with friends, here are the neighbourhoods with the greatest choice of furnished accommodation options for a vacation or even a weekend in Woodbridge:

  • Capitol Hill: 529 holiday properties
  • Southwest Waterfront: 852 holiday properties
  • West End: 24 holiday properties
  • Seminary Hill: 20 holiday properties
  • West Potomac: 63 holiday properties

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Can I find houses for rent to visit Woodbridge?

Of course. HomeAway offers 641 homes in Woodbridge, also it’s offered other types of holiday properties in Woodbridge, including:

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Discover Woodbridge, a city that lives at the rhythm of concert

Enjoy Woodbridge and its concerts. Well known for its shops, restaurants and sporting events, this welcoming city will not disappoint you. Manassas National Battlefield Park and George Washington’s Masonic Memorial are some of the must-see places in the region. Why not enjoy a vacation rental with your family, a romantic getaway or a trip with friends? Several owners offer a well equipped kitchen and a kitchen to simplify your stay.

Sightseeing in and around Woodbridge

Do you want to find things to do while you’re in the area? Feel free to leave your property and see everything that makes Woodbridge a unique vacation destination. Here is a selection of the main attractions to see, each less than 50 kilometers from the center of the city:

  • Laurel Hill golf Club (9.4 km)
  • Golf Club Forest Greens (12.2 km)
  • Signal Bay Aquatic Park (16.4 km)
  • Crete General golf course (16.8 km ))
  • Hilltop Golf Club (17,2 km away)
  • Westfields Golf Club (19.1 km)

Exploring the natural landscapes of Woodbridge

Whether you’re looking for fun outdoor activities or just want to enjoy the decor, Woodbridge is a perfect destination if you like to play outdoors. Here are some of the most remarkable natural sites in the region, all within 50 kilometers of downtown:

  • Manassas National Battlefield Park (26.6 km)
  • Lake Ridge Park, marina and golf course (4.9 km)
  • Prince William Forest Park (9.1 km)
  • Accotink Lake Park (17.8 km)
  • Bull Run Regional Park (22.6 km ))
  • Green Spring Gardens Park (23.3 km)